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Kahlen at EP.jpg
Wolf Kahlen's collaborative video performance with A.R. Penck in Jürgen Schweinebraden's EP Galerie in February 1980. Months later both Penck and Schweinebraden would receive exit permits and move west.

Berlin Perspektiven 75 p. 6.png
Image from 1974 West Berlin report on city planning initiatives.

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Beton Trabi Bild 22.7.1987.jpg
In July 1987, a group calling itself “Stammtisch” orchestrated the installation of the Trabbi-Pyramide, (consisting of an East German Trabant emerging from a pyramid shaped block of concrete) in the vicinity of the Beton Cadillacs. A doll of…

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Beuys at StaV.png
During Joseph Beuys' appearance in East Berlin in 1981, half his face was painted white as part of treatment for a kidney infection.
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