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4 week action/performance art series held in this space.


Boris Doempke, Hannes Forster, Susanne Mahlmeister. Room specific art installations.

This space moved into the infamous SO-36 space in 1985. As SO-GEN, the space continued to serve as art/punk space. Currently, the space is again known by its iconic name SO-36.

After Jürgen Schweinebraden left the GDR in 1980 and closed the private EP Galerie in Prenzlauer Berg, artists began organizing similar spaces in multiple studios in this building, including the rot-grün space located across the courtyard that…

Alongside Galerie Auf Zeit. Klaus Hermann, organizer. Performance art.

This "ladies only" artist collective and gallery space was part of a former chocolate factory occupied by a larger group of feminist squatters. The building still functions as a women's resource center.

Temporary installation space.

This space featured performance art and painting.
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