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All purpose art space, originally located on Rykestr. until lack of spaces causes them to move to current location.

Kunstcollage, Gruppe Bra-Loop-Psiu.

West Berlin artist Betty Stürmer performs "Das Taschenkleid" at Projekt Frauenkrise in 1992.

Performance art group Dead Chickens performance space.

Second location. First location at Kleine Hamburger Str. 16. (1992-1994. At Burgstr. from 1994-1996. Allgirls gallery reopened ten years later at Leipzigerstr. 55 and Admiralstr. 17. 

All purpose arts center, and contemporary home of the Grips theater. Former site of the prominent East Berlin cultural space: Haus der jungen Talente.


Originally run by Friedrich Loock as private gallery in Tucholskystr. 36, moved to Knaack Str. after the Wall opened and the GDR dissolved. In 2009, Loock renamed his gallery the "Loock Galerie" in 2009 and relocated to former West Berlin on…

In mid-February 1990, a group of East Berlin artists began occupying the decaying floors of the former passage connecting Oranienburger Strasse to Friedrich Strasse. Soon joined by artists from West Berlin, the group began planning a…

Performance and installation.
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