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Quergalerie artists with installations and performances at ice skating rink. 1985.

June 1989: Christoph Tannert and Eugen Blume host the Permanente Kunstkonferenz at the Galerie Weir Elefant. This was an official month-long performance and action series tied to the larger Berlin Visual Arts Exhibition held nearby at the Television…

Site of Kurt Buchwald and Thom di Roes performance in the cinema club room.

As part of the action, "23 1/2 Karat," the group gilded a small segment of the Gasometer in Berlin-Schoeneberg still visible to this day.

May 30 1989. Kurt Buchwald stages the action Fotografie Verboten at the world time clock and Neptune fountain in Berlin-Alexanderplatz. Buchwald attached signs showing a camera with a red diagonal cross through the middle, signifying that photography…

DIE ANWEISUNG, an art series in public spaces around West Berlin, sponsored another round of artist designed advertising boards under the Yorck bridges connectin Kreuzberg and Schoeneberg in July 1987. DIE ANWEISUNG first appeared in this form in…

The first "Die Anweisung" involved a poster action on the advertising walls under Yorck Brke as well as a series of more spontaneous actions in the vicinity. Gero Gries and Christian Kuhn organized the series. 

In 1982, Kurt Buchwald presented his action, Transportversuch, at the Boutique Josephine, the only private fashion boutique in the GDR. Thomas Roesler's band Klick & Aus provided musical accompaniment. 
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